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  • WHOA THAT USER CALLED USER IS LITERALKY ME anyway I am better at drawing now (like,,, a lot better XD wow I used to suck.) I mean Im not the best at it but I do linearly colouring shading details all that and I have a distinct style also I am 15 now

    I really can tell when it was me, as an 11 year old writing a comment like that, because I always said stuff about drawing, being cringy and youtube. Like when I see those words I know thats me. Also my username used to be User so lol

  • 49% holly crap! I didn't answer 8 because when I draw I end up with Anime, Manga or Chibi but I also end up with doodles on my school notebooks XD ( I do pay attention in class tho )

  • OH s---! 42!!!! I guess it is the answer to everything… yay at least I am kinda good but I am 11 I think my drawings are cringy but my friends and family day I am good and I have a YouTube account some people are like "wow actually you are good at this" and some people are like "Your Drawing Sucks" which THAT IS NOT CORRECT GRAMMAR dumb---.

  • I have been drawing since I was a tiny child, I got 64......

  • Also idk why I said the 42 thing I didnt even know what thats from actually I still dont know cus I am not rly a nerd like that, I have some nerdy friends that is where I got it from but anyway I do not care about that I like numbers like 69 and 420 ;) also I like the number 666 it is super cool

  • Im 12 years old, i got a 62%....err i have been drawing for 2 whole years and 9 months.....and i got a 62%

    Meh i kinda hoped i would get a 70% or higher

  • Yay 70% I'm drawing anime but ive made SO much progress


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