How weird are you?

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Has anyone ever called you weird? Want find out? Take this quiz! It has all the answers you need including my horrible spelling mistakes Have fun with this quiz!

I lot of people can be weird in their own ways but how weird are you actually?Warning!!! - Stupid qUestiOns ahead answer at your own risk I warned you don’t homemade me!

Created by: Skye

  1. Do you like chicken nuggets?
  2. If you had a cat why would HIS name be?
  3. What you favorite food?
  4. What’s your hairstyle?
  5. What’s in your closet?
  6. How do you feel about friends?
  7. Who are you?
  8. You sibling blames you for something you-
  9. Do you like fish?
  10. How do you feel about this quiz?
  11. This Is the last question ANSWER QUICK!!!

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Quiz topic: How weird am I?