Greek godd/goddnes parent

There is lots of Greek gods, but who is your immortal parent? I took seven of them that you could find out! I'm sorry about my bad english and spelling mistakes! Love u :3

Who is your Greek god/goddes parent? BEcause you are demigod since you found this quiz. Seven gods/goddesses.Sorry about my bad english and spelling mistakes! Love u :3

Created by: zeusdaughter
  1. Which animal you like the most?
  2. Favorite color?
  3. Who do you like most?
  4. What's your ideal weapon?
  5. What do you love out of these?
  6. Descripe yourself
  7. Who you don't want to get?
  8. What do you think is the most important thing in life?
  9. Are you Camp Half-Blood or Camp Jupiter? (Sorry, answers all mostly about the Camp Half-Blood stuff but it doesnt matter.)
  10. If there comes a war between gods and titans, which side you will be in?
  11. I'm sorry about my english in this quiz :/ It's not my most important language in life. Thanks for taking this :) + I accidentally wrote goddes "goddnes" haha I suck

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