Who is your Greek Mythology Parent?

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Here you can figure out who your true Greek God Parent is. Don't worry we've got everything covered, sit back and relax and we'll see you on the other side.

If you got Poseidon you're moody and extractive. If you got Zeus you're powerful but lovable. if Ares you're easily angered but it's your strength. if hades then you may be feared but you show your loved ones your soft side. if Athena then you're kind and strong on your own and in a group.

Created by: Kiki Grace
  1. What is your favourite colour?
  2. You're into battle, what's your weapon of choice?
  3. Which animal is better in your opinion?
  4. Which element is best?
  5. Who is the better demigod?
  6. which symbol interests you more?
  7. Which describes you best?
  8. You're outnumbered in battle, Fight or Flee?
  9. You are dealing with a conflict, do you face it seriously or kindly?
  10. Would you die if it meant you could save the one you love?

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Quiz topic: Who is my Greek Mythology Parent?