How weird are you?

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I've gotten to thinking... A lot of people want to know how weird they are, or are wondering what someone else thinks of them. Well, the answer is here.

Please note that this quiz is purely for giggles, and this is all either joking or my own opinion. Remember to answer each question as truthfully as possible. Now, let the weirdness commence!

Created by: NastyMajesty
  1. Okay, so are you doing this seriously or just for fun?
  2. What is your favorite author from this list?
  3. What 'phase' did you go through when you were little?
  4. Are you still in your phase?
  5. Do you belong to any kind of 'group'? (Part One)
  6. Do you belong to any kind of 'group'? (Part two)
  7. What is your favorite music type?
  8. How many people have you ever fallen in love with?
  9. Finally, pick one.
  10. Well, that was it.Say bye to me!(Your goodbye has no effect on your score.)

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Quiz topic: How weird am I?