How Wierd Are You

Hi. I hope you like this quiz. I was really bored when I made it. find out if you are weird, normal, or in between. I hope you like it. if so please tell your friends about it.

So... are you weird? Can you handle the power of this quiz. You may be thinking "Yes. this is so lame" but you are wrong. this quiz will test your inner-self more than any other quiz.

Created by: october
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you express you opinion openly? Even if it might hurt someone's feelings?
  2. do you listen to music you friends/everyone else listens to?
  3. how often to you fight with the popular people in school?
  4. do you get along with everyone
  5. how often do you find yourself insulting someone
  6. do you like batman? (has no effect on your answer)
  7. do you like superheroes?
  8. what?
  9. are you called weird ever? maybe even out-casted for it.
  10. do you like my quiz?

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