Which RIA group do you belong in?

I bet several of you people who are reading this quiz title (actually, all) are wondering, what the heck is this quiz about? What's a RIA? Well, prepare to have your questions answered...

A RIA. A random, insane author. There are lots of different types of RIA, but for the sake of my sanity and yours, I'm going to stick to three... plus one extra. :D *Note. If you suffer start seeing things, if you are unable to form words, or if you start thinking you're a sheep, its probably just my quiz. I swear, IT ISN'T MY FAULT!!!!

Created by: skypra
  1. Out of these, what style of writing do you prefer?
  2. Do you like to role play?
  3. Do you talk to yourself?
  4. Do you say really random things that make your friends stare at you in shock?
  5. Are the letters on your keyboard starting to wear off from typing too much?
  6. Have you ever started an argument with someone over a story because they thought that the plotline wasn't possible?
  7. Do you think that one of the greatest parts of your mind is your imagination?
  8. What is your favourite number?
  9. Out of these, what would you rather be...
  10. Have you realised that this question and the one before it are simply space fillers because I have to make up ten questions for this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Which RIA group do I belong in?