How Wayne Scot Lukas are you?

There are many stylish people out there, but only one honest-to-goodness Wayne Scot Lukas, fashion stylist to the stars. He's dressed so many celebrities for so many events that it's pretty hard to keep up with everything he's accomplished.

Could YOU be Wayne Scot Lukas? We doubt it, but you can give it your best shot by taking this quiz. If you think you are into fashion and style and know what it takes to look like a Hollywood celebrity, go for it.

Created by: Dianne Smith
  1. Which of the following celebrities has Wayne Scot Lukas not dressed for an event or concert?
  2. What was Wayne's favorite phrase on his first tv show?
  3. Which of the following programs has Wayne Scot Lukas not made at least one appearance on?
  4. What major catalog features Wayne as its resident stylist?
  5. Where will you soon be able to purchase Wayne's designs?
  6. How many siblings does Wayne Scot Lukas have?
  7. Wayne is going to be selling his own line of clothing. The brand name is:
  8. What happened to Wayne Scot Lukas's long hair?
  9. Wayne has two dogs. What is their breed?
  10. What is Wayne Scot Lukas' sign?

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Quiz topic: How Wayne Scot Lukas am I?