How Washington are you?

This is a quiz about Washington. No not Washington DC. Everyone knows about DC. This is about the State of Washington. Its next to Canada for you people who are geographically handicapped.

People always ask me, "Doesn't it always rain there?" All people associate Washington with is rain. Its time to see how much people really know about Washington.

Created by: Aaron
  1. What is the national drink of Washington?
  2. When WSU plays against UI, where is the game?
  3. What is the Kingdome?
  4. Where is Capitol Hill?
  5. The Seattle Ferry goes to two places, name them.
  6. What year did the Seattle Supersonics go to the NBA finals?
  7. Flying fish can be found in...
  8. What is the EMP?
  9. What are the three biggest highways in Western Washington?
  10. When traveling northbound on I5, before you get to the Federal Way exit, what do you see on the right hand side?

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Quiz topic: How Washington am I?