How Wakefield are you?

How Wakefield are you? Do you know enough about the city to win the quiz? Wakey born and bred? This quiz will sort the true West Yorkshire kings from the pretenders.

So complete the quiz below to find out if you can really claim to know Wakefield. 100 gives the right to claim as well as anyone that you love Wakefield!

Created by: wakey lover

  1. What is Wakefield famous for?
  2. Biggest nightclub in Wakefield?
  3. What is pugneys?
  4. Worlds s---tiest railway station?
  5. Which of these suburbs isn't a s---hole?
  6. Which nursery rhyme is from Wakefield?
  7. Where do all the emos/Goths hang out?
  8. How long does the 110 take to get to Leeds?
  9. After a trip to cineworld you...
  10. Views on barnsley?
  11. "ow do"
  12. Wakefields slang nickname is...
  13. The famous castle is where?

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Quiz topic: How Wakefield am I?