how unicorn are you

There are many unicorns in this universe but not many know that they are a unicorn. In a few minutes you will know if you are a unicorn. This quiz is one of my many varring quizzes. Please rate comment and reccomend my quiz.

Are you a unicorn? Are you one of the many that chews the grasses swallows the waters. Are you one of the many that will help me to be in the top 10 quizzes? Cuz if u are well..., u like you!

Created by: eliza
  1. Do you often find yourself thinking about eating grass if so your weird. But still
  2. Have you ever barfed a rainbow of colors
  3. Have you ever fell asleep standing up
  4. Think about what your like are there a lot of people like you
  5. Are you a colorful person?
  6. Do you like carrots and apples
  7. Do you like to run
  8. Will you recommend my quiz to your friens my goal is to get one of my quizes in the top 10
  9. Will you please rate
  10. Will you please comment

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Quiz topic: How unicorn am I