how ugly are you

Find out if you are completely horribly ruining the fashon senses of the world, or just contirbuting to the good looking people. We all WANT to look good....but thier is only that few percent of the world that acctaully is completely good and amazing looking. And we want to know, if you are one of those two people, but im pretty sure, you want to know more than us!

So, are you good looking? Or maybe not so much? Or maybe, just a complete math nerd? Do you wear pocket protectors? Big glasses? Thick glasses? Or Chanel clothes? Big cute colourfull sunglasses? Or designer clothes? Take the quiz and in just two minutes of your time, you will find out!

Created by: brooke of quizzes
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  1. do you often wear your shirt tucked in
  2. do you ever wear you pant over you belly button
  3. what are your hobbies
  4. do you like math
  5. what gender are you
  6. whats you favorite thing to do
  7. do you wear big glasses
  8. can you do this in your head 89+12-5+21+32=
  9. how many people like you
  10. whats your favoriye coular
  11. how much do you weigh

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Quiz topic: How ugly am I