how two faced are you

Do you think your two faced? Are you ready to find out? well take this quiz to find out and see what you get at the end rate/comment plz thanks very much

Are you what they two faced?? hmm well are you*looks at you with wide eyes* well find out right now on this interesting quiz...and dont get mad at your score and if you comment dont be rude okay and thanks again

Created by: fufe123

  1. after your friend leaves your house what do you do
  2. you see your friend with the same sun glasses as you what you do
  3. whats the word two face mean to you
  4. so you are hanging with some people when a friend of yours comes up and wants to talk to what do you do?
  5. what you like to do on your free time
  6. its almost over!
  7. do you think your two faced
  8. so close to the end!
  9. its the end!
  10. HA! got you now its the end

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Quiz topic: How two faced am I