Auronox Sorting Quizness

When faced with a crisis, would you wait until the very last second to make a decision, or would you charge forward and hope that the way you're running is right? If you saw a kitten in a box, would you take it home or leave it for someone else? Each response says something about you, and the four houses of Auronox as well: Palmythian, Oakaven, Cedarallow and Ashenbyr. Where do you stand?

Your answers determine which house your created character will reside in for seven of the most poignant years of their life. Choose wisely, go with your heart, go with what you think is best, or close your eyes and click to sort yourself and start your magical education (wow, I am a nerd).

Created by: Neena

  1. What would your ideal summer entail?
  2. There's a fork in the road. Which way do you go?
  3. A friend asks your advice about a family problem of sensitive nature. Would you.....
  4. Would you rather be fair or right?
  5. Which of these sciences interest you the most?
  6. The element you most identify with is...
  7. Which is the greater fault?
  8. When making decisions, you prize yourself on...
  9. Of the options, you would mostly consider yourself...
  10. Theoretically speaking, a person can never go wrong if they....
  11. Finally, if you had to live in any of these generic landscapes, where would it be?

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