How Twilight are you?

The 'Twilight' series is written by Stephenie Meyer. It is one of the most popular book series with teenagers around the world. But they are more than just books, the 'Twilight' series is a way of life!!!

So how 'Twilight' are you? Put your obsession to the test! See if you are really qualified to be a first class 'Twilight' fan!!!! Thanks to this 'super-twilight-tastic' quiz you can find out how 'Twilight' you really are!

Created by: emily
  1. Have you read all of the books in the 'Twilight' series?
  2. Do you enjoy reading books about vampires and werewolves?
  3. Are you secretly in love with Edward Cullen?
  4. Do you ever wish you could be a vampire?
  5. Was 'Twilight' your favourite book in the whole wide world?
  6. 'Twilight', the film comes out in December, are you totally obsessed?
  7. Do you take online quizes like this one with the topic being only 'Twilight'?
  8. Do you dream about 'Twilight'?
  9. Are you exited about the release of 'Breaking Dawn'?
  10. If you were stranded on a desert island, what would you most like to have with you?

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Quiz topic: How Twilight am I?