how tweeter vampiry are you?

This is a random jellyfish parakeet kat sandwhich yum where is the ketsup why do I have a burger in my eye? Why did Johnny Cash fall into a ring of fire? Hmmm I am the master of puppets

Do you know whether you're a fluffy dragon or a fire breathing kitten? Do you think that vampires are sexy (me: ya me too! They drooly drooly)? Or werewolves (me: they sexy too....yah)?

Created by: azeil7991
  1. Ok pick a color
  2. Pick a location
  3. What music is better?
  4. What's u favorite show?
  5. What group do you belong to?
  6. What's your hobby?
  7. What is your favorite store?
  8. Favorite musical thingie?
  9. Which name do you like better?
  10. Favorite makeup item? (Guyz favorite make up on girlz)
  11. Last question: do you like me? Or love me? Or hate me? Or think I'm ok.

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Quiz topic: How tweeter vampiry am I?