consequential unconcious squirel

Stuff n things jerky almonds parakeet gerbal sedentary wet monkies and kats and stuff and things totally random no one reads this um do you see what I see I see you see

Happy protext totalitarianism chirp tweet hot apple tweet colby jack cheese what's your favorite bird meow wow ya so ya oh my goodness ah megami sama tweet chirp resident evil I love you tweeter

Created by: azeil7991

  1. What is your fave color of psychodelic squirel?
  2. Ok so who's your favorite twilight character?
  3. What is your fave band?
  4. Ok so do you luv me??
  5. Why do you think that parakeets are multicolored?
  6. What do you think parakeets would say if they could talk?
  7. What is your fave silent hill game?
  8. What is the difference between a spine and a chiken sandwitch?
  9. If a snail leaves tacoma at 3:30pm pacific, and a bullet train leaves tokyo japan and they both enter a wormhole at the exact same moment, and the snail becomes omnipitantly intellegant on the fifth demention earth, how many slaves does he have?
  10. Can justin timberlake be any more of a woman?

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