How traditional are you?

Are you stuck in a rut? Or do you forge your own path? Do you like to make schedules and set plans? Or are you more into spontaneity and surprises? Do you always think of others first, or do you spell team with an I?

This quiz will help you determine whether you're a traditionalist, a free spirit or somewhere in between; whether you need to change your lifestyle or just your attitude; whether you're selfless or selfish.

Created by: Theresa Hegel
  1. When you go on a date ...
  2. You're using your dad's car, and as you pull into the driveway, the trash can makes a small scratch. What do you do?
  3. When your hair is a mess and you're going to the store, you ...
  4. It's Monday morning, and you forgot about your big test.
  5. When you're looking for a date, you pick ...
  6. When your date is picking you up, he or she ...
  7. It's Thanksgiving, and Uncle Ernie is telling the same boring story he's told 100 times before.
  8. When you're decorating the Christmas tree, the star your family always uses breaks.
  9. You're painting the back to school dance sign, and your school colors are red and white. When you get to the supply cabinet, there's only a dab of red paint left.
  10. Your older sister is coming home from college, and you had plans to spend the day with her, but your best friend just won tickets to your favorite band's concert.

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Quiz topic: How traditional am I?