Tokyo Mew Mew - Which Mew Mew are you? (traditional)

The Tokyo Mew Mew are five Japanese girls who are infused with the DNA of endangered animals. With this quiz, you can tell which Mew you are by answering simple questions that relate to your personality.

Are you the leader of the pack? Maybe you're the sassy, sarcastic one? Or the shy, loving girl? The energetic kid of the five, are you a livewire like she is? Or are you mysterious and aloof?

Created by: Here's Looking of MewMewHelp
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  1. You are in a Textiles lesson at school. Are you good at this subject?
  2. So, after that lesson, you walk to your job at the cafe. You come across a young girl, who runs to you in tears. An alien boy with green hair tried to steal something from her! What do you do?
  3. After this issue is dealt with and you take the child home, your boss runs up to you and bends your ear over the fact that you are late. What do you do?
  4. At the cafe, most of your time is spent doing ...
  5. You lean back against the wall and dream of a future. What's your dream?
  6. Home time! You arrive through the front door and someone runs to you. Who would it be?
  7. After eating dinner, you have to do your homework. What's your attitude to mandatory school work?
  8. You and your team-mates agree to talk to your enemy in a civil fashion. Who are you most likely to speak to?
  9. You notice your boss is attracted to your leader of your group. Your reaction is ... ?
  10. What are your language skills like?

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