How to train your dragon dragons

Great job on your dragon you are either brave friendly trust worthy mean powerful hyper smart quick and many more and if you don't think your this dragon compare your scores with another quiz

So your here to find out what dragon your like ay. Well you've come to the right place you will either be night fury, bewilder beast,skrill,change wing ,screaming death ,or razor whip

Created by: Hjccstrid
  1. What is your favorite food(if you were a dragon)
  2. Are you lazy or active
  3. What is your speed for flying
  4. What kind of owner do you want
  5. Describe you
  6. What are you good at
  7. Would you want to breath fire
  8. What's your favorite color
  9. If you could meet with someone and make how to train your dragon come to life witch dragon would u have
  10. How did you like this quiz

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Quiz topic: How to train my dragon dragons