What How To Train Your Dragon Dragon are you?

Take this quiz to see your inner dragon. What might you be? A majestic night fury? An uproarious Nightmare? A beautiful Nadder? Or even a mysterious Light fury? Take this to find out!

Ever wonder what dragon you are? Take this to find out! You will not be displeased, I promise. So...... want a drink? I have some coke? Or some cake, mmm

Created by: Astrapi
  1. Your friend is under threat. You ____
  2. Friends describe you as;
  3. Favourite colour?
  4. Favourite animal?
  5. Life is not worth living
  6. Movie night!
  7. Fav weather?
  8. Byeee
  9. Heh, just kidding! What cake do you like!
  10. Final Q. Hobbies?

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Quiz topic: What How To Train my Dragon Dragon am I?