How To Train Your Dragon 2 quiz what dragon are you?

Everyone loves "How To Train Your Dragon 2" and want to know what dragon they are from the movie. Well, I did too and now, I have made a quiz about which dragon you are. It took me almost three hours so I tried hard!

You may be thinking "Yup, I'm Toothless" well, If you truly want to find out, go ahead and take this quiz! This has the dragons: Toothless, Stormfly, Cloudjumper, Hookfang,Belch and Barf, Grump, Skullcrusher, Meatlug, and the intimidating Bewilderbeast!

Created by: Amanda
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  1. Your in the woods right by your house, all you have is a flashlight, what do you do?
  2. Tonight, you get to chose whats for dinner, what is it?
  3. Choose a bird...
  4. On a normal day...
  5. Your friends describe you as or say to you...
  6. How else would someone describe you?
  7. At a party, you are the...
  8. What would have happened when you found your dragon?
  9. Which rider would you like?
  10. Choose a letter
  11. In the desert, alone, at night, you see a bright light above think its...
  12. What dragon do you want?
  13. So whats your favorite dragon class?

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