How to tell if your crush likes you!

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This quiz is for lovers who are just DYING to know if their love of their life actually love them. Be aware! This quiz could break your heart! But don't get sad! Like Taylor Swift says SHAKE IT OFF!🤩

I hope you enjoy this fun quiz! HAVE FUN LOVERS! Make sure to like this quiz and check ma out on! Enjoy life ma friends! And most, have FUN!🤩

Created by: Witchcraft ghoul

  1. How old Are you?
  2. How often does he/she look at you?
  3. Do you think one day he will ask you out?
  4. Have you actually already talked to him/her before?(BE HONEST!)
  5. Does he/she ever blushed at you when they talked to you?
  6. Are you in the same class? (This won't affect your score, I just wanna know!🙂)
  7. How old is your crush?
  8. What do you see in them?🤔
  9. How popular is your crush???😖
  10. How popular are you?😣

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Quiz topic: How to tell if my crush likes you!