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  • This quiz was helpful with the meter and everything, I just kinda want to rant about my teacher right now. Please don’t hate

    She is a substitute math teacher for 3 weeks. Some kid walks in with a granola bar in his mouth the first day, and she yells at him and says “there’s NO EATING in my classroom! Get OUT, and I don’t want you back for the rest of the period!”

    She also calls herself the “moderator” not “teacher” and that’s it’s “not her job to teach us”. Everyday she just gives us a large packet and expects us to finish the entire thing without help.When she finally did help, she gave the wrong formula. Tells kids to shut up and sit down and the dean refuses to do anything about it.

    Several parents have called the school, and I only hope this ends soon. We have a test tomorrow.

    Please rate how you think this teacher is, and thanks for listening to me rant.

  • yeah bruh like she always lookin on twitter and checkin out charilie like she gonna smash

  • you feeel me cuz


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