How To Tell If It Is Replacement Window Time?

Spending money on home improvements, like replacement windows and doors, can be a real drag. However, changing out your old, worn out windows with energy efficient windows can really save you $$$ in the long run.

How do you know if it's time to start the replacement window process? This quiz is designed to help you measure your need for new windows by answering just a few simple questions.

Created by: Christina of Window Nerd
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  1. When you’re close to a window, do you feel cold drafts of air?
  2. About how old are the windows in your home?
  3. How many panes of glass are between you and the elements?
  4. At any point in the day, does condensation appear around the edges of glass in your existing windows?
  5. Can you hear your neighbor’s stereo, cars driving by, the fire station blocks away, or other sounds that are better left outside?
  6. Can you feel any air leaks around your windows? Do you see any evidence of water leaks?
  7. Do your windows close and lock tightly and with ease? Do the window frames seem strong and durable to withstand significant force?
  8. Do all your windows open and close smoothly, with little effort?
  9. Do you dread cleaning the outside of your windows?
  10. Are you content with the appearance of your windows?
  11. Do your current windows require a lot of maintenance?
  12. Are your interior furnishings and upholstery fading as a result of sunlight and uv rays coming through your windows?
  13. Do your current windows or doors have glass coated with Low-E?
  14. Are your heating/cooling costs far more than you think they should be?

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