The window to your soul.

Open the window to your soul. Let me peek in for a moment and I'll tell you what I see. What do your views on life mean in the grand scheme of things? Who are you according to an outsider? If you want an honest answer, then be completely honest.

Keep in mind that while I am pretty good at pegging people for what they are, this test has an extremely finite sample size, and thus cannot be taken completely seriously. If you are the type who may be offended by an unfavorable result, perhaps this test isn't for you. Enjoy, and hopefully gain a small insight or two about yourself.

What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
What is your gender?
What is your opinion on the Presidency of George W. Bush?
He's doing a great job. Period.
He's doing the best he can in a country full of weak minded liberals.
I suppose he's done some good, but I can't believe he got elected to a second term...
He's a freakin idiot. And so is everyone who voted for him.
Who cares?
A homeless man asks you to buy him lunch, this is your reaction:
You give him lunch, and a side dish of Jesus/Buddha/Whatever it is you believe in.
You don't give him anything, or do anything for him except maybe your opinion on why he's homeless.
You buy him lunch, and/or give him some money.
You don't give him anything. 99% of those guys make more than you do by begging.
Oh well, I don't have any money anyway.
What is the reason for high gas prices?
U.S. foreign policy and dependency on oil?
Arabs and Islam.
A worldwide conspiracy to weaken our economy.
I really don't care...
You've had a nasty break up with your significant other, resulting in a broken heart. How long before you date again?
Immediately. Might as well jump right back in.
A month.
6 months
A year.
Maybe never.
I don't care about that sort of thing.
Complete this sentence: Jesus...
is God son of God. Period.
and his principles are a bunch of B.S.
is either a myth, or a normal man whom myth was built around.
may or may not be what the bible says.
is something I don't care to think about.
A stray neighborhood cat/dog repeatedly gets into your garbage and makes a mess during the middle of the night. You...
Conduct a stakeout, and shoot the animal dead.
Conduct a stakeout, and shoot the animal with a bb/pellet gun.
Call animal control and stay patient until the animal is captured.
Give the animal a home after making sure it doesn't belong to someone else.
Who cares? I'm not the one who has to clean up the mess....
Complete this sentence. Animals are...
our brothers and sisters in their own way.
God's creatures, worthy of our respect.
not worth my time.
Life is:
An opportunity to experience.
A cruel joke.
Our chance to accept the one true God.
An opportunity to rise to the top.
Something too complicated to worry about the details.
Complete this sentence: Buddha...
Represents a spiritual way of life.
Is a path to Hell.
Is a bunch of B.S.
and his principles stand in the way of true progress.
is something I don't care to think about.
Complete this sentence. Homosexuals...
Are going to Hell unless they stop being Homosexual.
are people just like anyone else.
need to be wiped off the face of the earth.
need to do what it takes to keep from reminding us they exist.
are something I don't have a real opinion on.
Get paid.
If you can.
At any cost.
And try to keep from getting ripped off.
And give 10% to the church.
Money is overrated, and I really care nothing for it.
Reading a variety of books, opinions, and ideas with a completely open mind:
Is a good thing.
Is a potential path to Hell.
Will fill your mind with a bunch of B.S.
Read? That's a waste of time.
Will help you come out on top in this world.
E.S.P., Psychics, and abilities beyond those of normal humans are:
things to be considered seriously, most likely gifts.
the product of evil.
tools to be used to advance as far above the pack as possible.
not things I've ever really thought about before, or ever will.
A smile from someone you've never seen before invokes which of the following responses from you?
Desire for sex.
Meditation to strengthen mind/body/spirit
Is a good thing.
Is a path to Hell.
Is a bunch of New Age crap.
Is a money making scheme.
Is something I never really thought about, and probably never will.

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