How to Learn Finance from Movies

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The quiz is performed to check how good you are in finance management. It's hard to believe, but the movies can teach you to manage your finances properly.

Let's try to find out how the movies can affect and improve the way you manage your finances. Answer simple questions to define the movie by scenario and get useful lessons.

Created by: Julia Rivers of Personal Money Service
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  1. Movie scenario: Angela Bennett works as a systems analyst. One morning she finds out that all her life records have been deleted. Her Social Security number now refers to Ruth Marx, who has a record regarding the arrest.
  2. Movie scenario: Rebecca Bloomwood works as a financial journalist writing for the Successful Savings magazine. Actually, she knows almost anything about financial management and has thousands of dollars in debt.
  3. Movie scenario: Arriving to Alabama, Melanie demands a divorce from Jake, her husband, and empty out his checking account that is technically their joint account.
  4. Movie scenario: Ben Stone lives off the money he has got in compensation for an injury. He works on a website with his roommates from time to time. He suddenly finds out that he has a baby. He must change his ways to assure the baby's mom, Alison, to take him for real.
  5. Movie scenario: Ryan is called to the offices of his company in Nebraska. There he learns that Natalie, a young coworker, promotes a plan to reduce costs by making employees conduct layoffs over the internet. Ryan is assigned to take Natalie with him on the upcoming travels to show her what it's like.
  6. Movie scenario: Hells Angels - the main character in this movie - build airplanes, and has a problem with the origin.
  7. Movie scenario: A student of the Harvard University gets the idea to develop a website in order to rate the level of female undergraduates attractiveness. The project becomes popular and he gets a job as the programmer of a very popular website. The movie teaches saving and investing basics, explaining that sometimes it may be better to turn to such loan company as [no urls] for financial help and support to develop further.
  8. Movie scenario: Edward and Carter meet in the hospital for the first time just after both have been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. Carter starts writing a list of things to do before he dies. Lesson from the movie: Saving for retirement.
  9. Movie scenario: Molly Gunn is living off the ample trust fund of her father who was a late rock legend. She finds out that the accountant of her father has stolen her money. She stays homeless, with no money and starts working as the nanny of Rae an 8-year-old girl. Lesson from the movie: Set financial goals.
  10. Movie scenario: Mitch breaks up with his girlfriend and moves into a house near the Harrison University campus. The Dean does his best to kick him out, but Mitch's friend Bernard offers an idea to start a fraternity that is open to anyone. Lesson from the movie: a house is a major financial purpose.

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