How to Know If Your Friend Is a Spy

Do you know if people very close to you are secret agents? How would you find out if they were? These are very important questions not only for your own safety but for the national interests of your country.

We have created this quiz to help you find the truth. This is your mission should you choose to except it. Take the quiz and find out if your friend is a spy.

Created by: bob
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  1. Do you live in a major city?
  2. Do you have any friends or family that work for the government?
  3. How many friends or family members have been in the military?
  4. Do any of your friends have weird gadgets?
  5. Do any of your friends drive sports cars?
  6. Do any of your friends have amazingly attractive girlfriends with unusual names?
  7. When your friend comes back from vacation, and you ask him/her about it, what does he/she say?
  8. Does your friend have lots of money but no job?
  9. How does your friend dress?
  10. If your friend owns any firearms, what kind does he/she own?
  11. What kind of drink does your friend like?
  12. What foreign languages does your friend speak?

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Quiz topic: How to Know If my Friend Is a Spy