How Stupid Are You?

There are many stupid people out there and few clever ones. A stupid person is someone who just shouldn't be alive atall. I mean whats the point if you fail this quiz! Please don't get a "100% Stupid" OMG!

Are YOU stupid? Until now you could only wonder how stupid you really are. But thanks to this great quiz, in a few minutes you will find out! Good luck!!!

Created by: The Geek of this site
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  1. First off... Do you feel stupid?
  2. Can you read?
  3. Do you read?
  4. Do people call you oafish?
  5. What about vacuous?
  6. A plane crashes on the United States - Canada border. Where are the survivors buried?
  7. How many planets are in this solar system?
  8. Look at your computer time. Is it correct?
  9. How many F's are in the following sentence: OFTEN, FISH FIND FOOD AFTER FIFTY YEARS OF SWIMMING THE CHANNEL OF RALPH.
  10. When you talk, what do others around you do?
  11. A farmer has 20 sheep, and all but 15 die. How many sheep are left?
  12. What is Antarctica?
  13. What is the next number in this sequence: 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, ...
  14. Has the quiz finished?

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Quiz topic: How Stupid am I?