How stupid are you?

There are many stupidd people, and many smart people, are you stupid or smart? You can answer that question if you take this quiz. Man, I have to make another paragraph. Dang it!

Some people might call you stupid or smart. You are only 1 of those things. Take the quiz, so you know how stupid you really are. Please enjoy the quiz.

Created by: zack of
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  1. what is 1+1?
  2. what is 3x3?
  3. what color underwear am i wearing?
  4. what is the second letter of the alphabet?
  5. can my pet rock talk?
  6. 42=
  7. does my brother where a tu-tu?
  8. do i run around with underwear on my head?
  9. do i like cheeze?
  10. is this question a good question?

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Quiz topic: How stupid am I?