How stupid are you?

People are stupid. In 1996, there was a math contest. In 2014-15, there was another math contest that was 25% easier. Kids IQ's have really gone down.

I hope that your not stupid. You probably are but then again who cares and really, who reads the s___ anyway??? Nobody, because all of you are to STUPID to even read it!

Created by: 070085915

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  1. What are/were your average school marks?
  2. What's pi?
  3. Nerd or geek?
  4. Would you rather correct a test of something over ten or something over thirty-three?
  5. What do you do in your free time.
  6. Are you a bully?
  7. Were you a bully?
  8. What's 1+1?
  9. Comment?
  10. Rate?
  11. Do you think that you are stupid?

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Quiz topic: How stupid am I?