how stressed are you?

stress we all have it and we all (should) hate plagues us all and gives us thoughts that its unfixable but its not in this quiz youll get to see how stressed you really are

take this quiz to see how much stress plagues you.remember to please rate & comment this quiz and enjoy it. ive ran out of things to say........blah blah blah chicken blah blah chicken

Created by: tonyliano

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. how have you been feeling lately?
  2. are you angry at everyone or everything around you?
  3. what do you prefer doing out of these?
  4. do you think your stressed?
  5. are you angry about this quiz
  6. take 7 deep breaths
  7. did you do it?
  8. are you gonna comment or rate?
  9. the quiz is finished
  10. i lied you still have more to go
  11. ok now your finished

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Quiz topic: How stressed am I?