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  • Hi this quiz was ok but it could be very wild and wacky sometimes but not in a cool way more like in an emo cat girl way so i didn't really like it and it really annoyis me that the internetz caters to this demographic so frequently like that really irks me cos I am just a simple man who just wants to take a cool quiz and hope that maybe there is a genuinely amusing piece of humor in there but no its all internet cat girl lel lel huMOAR with OREOS! and MILK ^.^ c: c: cutsie narwhales bacon mascara catwhiskers on your face flourencent coloured hairstlyes nyancat nonsense

  • I was one of the strangest kids in school and almost everyone commented on that.


    not being in a relationship or not liking a certain kind of food or not caring for bush ultimately means you're not strange. not even a bit. riiight :|

    I'm sorry but this quiz mistakes "giving WAAAACKY answers for the sake of lulz" for being "strange", it just doesn't work that way bud. it doesn't. if anything you chould have just asked for our reactions to different weird senarios.

    still a good effort tho

  • Twenty three percent strange only? I don't really think that's true sense I'm very weird and unique alot more than others that I've met and seen in my lifetime but cool quiz anyways mate.

  • This quiz has sooooo many typos. Also the quiz is not accurate. These questions won't prove anything. It would have to ask things about what you would say when something would happen. But anyway, Have a nice day person reading this.

  • Yeah this quiz is a waste, I've done so many strange things that I'm not going discuss on here. 2%, Thats it. Really you need to get a life and meet some people if you don't know strange. I drift in and out of psychosis- I KNOW strange.

  • This quiz is a lie I'm very strange but it ses I'm normal. I have not meet any person who thinks I'm normal

  • I am strong and that is good because we're all different in side and that's what maters

    Cinder fall 101
  • 51%

    Cinder fall 101
  • this quiz stupid remysfault r u kidding me ??????????? hated it n1njajesus and orm was right sucked

  • Aww, shut up, n1njajesus and Orm. It was fun.. yes it was! I am 18% srange! Woo!! ;)


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