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  • 66% strange

    WIENER Dec 17 '18, 11:38PM
  • d(@,@)b

    i'm a massive strange person in da galaxy .
    4 dats reason, a little fat mouse is da only friend of mine

    zxc May 13 '18, 8:56AM
  • 46% Strange

    LoserLoner Feb 15 '17, 7:21PM
  • You Are 32% Strange!

    Okay, sure XD

    OuterSpaceCat Sep 28 '15, 11:05AM
  • on one quiz my results was CREEPY on this one i got 52% strange :D YAY! i was hoping to be very weird though :/

    Pientahna Sep 15 '15, 2:30AM
  • It hink my fart IS to big for my face -_-

    RainbowButt Sep 3 '15, 7:15AM
  • is my fart to big for my face?

    RainbowButt Sep 3 '15, 7:14AM
  • I got 27% not bad. But I thought i'd get less

    adam123 Apr 14 '15, 11:56AM
  • Oh good, I'm normal. I wouldn't exactly call myself strange, just a little random.

    Cvm88888 Apr 7 '15, 2:35AM
  • I got 45% strange i thought it would be higher

    killer2014 Mar 6 '15, 7:00AM
  • i got 89% of course i eat naked who doesn't i also usally try to shop naked but i got told of uggh!

    nakedgirl Feb 20 '15, 5:12AM
  • I really want to be a tree surgeon now

    89% Strange!

    unicornchickens Nov 9 '14, 2:13PM
  • 23%- Even I know I'm more strange than go to wal-mart while dressed as a woman. You should see the looks I get. Especially when I try on high heels or try on dresses or other female items. I can't pass as a woman so shopping while dressed as a woman rates high in the strange

    Stefie Sep 19 '14, 10:56PM
  • whoa

    miss berry rose Jul 29 '14, 10:57AM
  • 68%. But the voices in my head told me it didn't matter, because no quiz can describe me even 32%.

    wiggly pete May 13 '14, 11:45AM
  • 68% and I think it's an okay score. I could score higher because sometimes I laugh at what the voices in my head say and im homo and I enjoy snooping (by snooping I mean all-out stalking) and I believe my room is a realm and my bed is a cloud world and my desk is a plateau and my chair is a jungle and the floor is a flatland and i make my stuffed animals live in the different regions lol XD

    lepicl Mar 26 '14, 7:39PM
  • 48% Strange
    I am way more strange than that.
    For some reason, I was about to pet my cat that was not there.

    BaconCat Feb 18 '14, 8:30PM
  • my favorite question was how do you eat your food- naked

    Aurora323 Jan 20 '14, 12:02AM
  • hah! i got 68% it should be loads higher my friend told me to take this
    she said i'll easily get 100% but i didnt so guess who's 50 bucks (this girl)

    kaynana28cub Dec 27 '13, 8:27AM
  • 25% that's all right

    SHANAYA Jul 14 '13, 7:16AM
  • 78%...I believe that this percentage should be a bit higher...

    Immadog May 30 '13, 8:17PM
  • 41%
    Sounds about right!

    LoneShadowWolf Dec 28 '12, 2:49PM

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