How spoiled are you?

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This is a quiz to see how spoiled you are! If your feelings get hurt easily do NOT take this quiz! The results are brutal if you get a bad result! Are you brave enough to take the quiz?...

This is a quiz to see how spoiled and wealthy you are! The results are brutal so if you get like 10% they get really harsh! So only the brave souls take this quiz to discover the truth if your family’s wealth!

Created by: Jesdica Simpsion

  1. What does your house look like?
  2. What type of school do you go to?
  3. What type of clothes do your parents buy you?
  4. What type of food do you buy?
  5. Do you do sports?
  6. What kind of phone do you have?
  7. How many times do you go in vacation a year?
  8. Did your parents/you go to college?Do you plan to go to college?
  9. Do you do chores?
  10. How much is your weekly allowance?
  11. I’d your watching TV and your mom comes in and changed the channel what do you do?
  12. How many times do you go shopping a week?
  13. Do your friends or other people think you are spoiled and rich?
  14. How many friends do you and your family have?

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Quiz topic: How spoiled am I?