Are You A Spoiled Brat?

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A spoiled child is a child who has behavioral problems due to an overindulgence of his parents. Spoiled children are described as "spoiled," "grandiose," "narcissistic," or "self-centered.

I created a poll to people decide what quiz I should make. The quiz whit most votes was "Are You A Spoiled Brat?" So, here you go, here you will see if you are a spoiled brat or not!

Created by: LiaTheBearOwO

  1. How many chores does you parents ask you to do?
  2. When did you get your phone/tablet/laptop,etc?
  3. What brand are your clothes?
  4. What brand is your phone/tablet/laptop,etc?
  5. How many things do you get?
  6. Do your parents make over 1 million$?
  7. Do you get your own way?
  8. You are at one of your friends birthday party. And your friend gets as a gift something you really like and want.
  9. How often do you thorw trantrums?
  10. Do you brag out a lot?
  11. You see a cute teddy bear you really want, what do you do?
  12. Do you think you are spoiled?

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