How South Philly Born and Raised are you?

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How South Philly Born and Raised are You? There are people like no other people anywhere that are from South Philly! Let's see How you remember growing up South Philly!

If you still live here in South Philly or have moved away and have not been here for a long time. This test will show whether or not the "South Philly Born and Raised" DNA is still in you!

Created by: Louie Pinto
  1. Who invented the cheesesteak?
  2. What Mayor of Philadelphia was born and raised in South Philly?
  3. Where is "14th" Street located in South Philly?
  4. Which person was NOT Born and Raised in South Philly?
  5. The Italian Market is an Icon of South Philly. What other name do we call it in SP?
  6. If you are South Philly Born and Raised than you understand South Philly Talk or should I say Soufilly Tawk. What is the Ackamee?
  7. Translate: Aineecute
  8. What are macaronees?
  9. A cheap date in South Philly was "Pat's Steaks and down the Lakes". What did we do "Down The Lakes"?
  10. What is the proper name of "The Lakes"?
  11. What is Chubby Checker's real name?
  12. If you were born and raised in South Philly, what school wouldn't of you attended?
  13. What street do the Mummers march down after they march on Broad Street on New Year's Day?
  14. What is Javela water?
  15. Where was suicide hill located?
  16. What was located and then replaced with an Acme at 11th & Moyamensing?
  17. Who was known as "The Gentle Don"?
  18. What restaurant in SP was the first Italian American Restaurant in the USA?
  19. Which member of "The Rat Pack" was born and raised in South Philly?
  20. What Opera Singer from SP was a Congressional Gold Medal recipient?
  21. What was the name of South Philly's Icon restaurant/nightclub that Sinatra called the "black tie saloon" that burnt down in 1994?
  22. Who was known as "The Mayor of South Philly"?
  23. Who "found" a bag of money that fell off an armored truck?
  24. Who said "Money talks and Bullsh&% walks!"?
  25. What South Philly native had a role in "The Godfather"?
  26. Who here was NOT believed to be part of the South Philly Mafia?
  27. All of these are names of what? ABC's Tallyann's Cosmi's Capolla's Jim's DiAmbrosio's Termini's Sarcone's Isgro's
  28. In South Philly what kind of ball did we use to play the game "Chink"?
  29. During the summer when someone from SP says that they are going "Down the Shore" Where are they going?
  30. Which South Philly born and raised Guy stared in this 60's TV show "The Time Tunnel"?
  31. What are the 4 stadiums currently in South Philly?
  32. What Movie House was located at Broad and Snyder?
  33. What Movie House was located between 10th & 11th on Moyamensing street?
  34. What does this mean? "Pat's Steaks and Down The Lakes!"
  35. Grumpy's Tavern is located at 9th & Cross now. What Icon Bar was there for over 70 years before Grumpy's?
  36. What icon store is located at 9th & Washington ave at the Italian Market?
  37. In South Philly, another name for the stuff we put on pasta is what?
  38. What South Philly Born and Raised native created the Group South Philly Born and Raised and has also entertained kid's of all ages as a what? Bonus if you know both names!

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