How NE Philly Are you?

Many people know what the "City of Brotherly Love" do know what city I am talking about, right? Okay, okay. So we booed Santa and have a court house set up in out sports stadium but seriously it is a great place to live and an even better place to grow up at.

I designed this quiz based on the area of Philly where I am from. If you aren't from Philly you have no clue where it is. I am often told that I do not live in Philly and to those who believe that he Northeast is not in Philly YOU ARE SO WRONG. The NE is Philly. Take this quiz and see how NE Philly you are!!

Created by: Kristy
  1. How do you describe where you live in philly?
  2. Where do you vacation at during the summer?
  3. What was the last school reunion you attended?
  4. How do you spend your Thanksgiving Break?
  5. When you are speaking about a group of people you refer to them as
  6. Your favorite cake is?
  7. Which bus runs up and down "the avenue?"
  8. What religion are you?
  9. What makes Santucci's pizza so good?
  10. You make sure not to run a light at the following intersections on the BLVD?

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Quiz topic: How NE Philly am I?