How South Hamilton are you

Do you ever want to see a quiz after your school. Here is one for all the South Hamilton students and anyone who wants to attempt to master the basics of South Hamilton.

Are you tired of people always asking where your school is? Hopefully, this quiz will help put South Hamilton on the map. Go Hawks! Even if you don't do good in the end, don't hate the mighty hawks.

Created by: Kyle

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  1. What are the school colors
  2. who is the current HS principal
  3. how far did we get into the playoffs in football
  4. who isthe head coach of the football team
  5. what town is it located in
  6. who is the head basketball coack
  7. In what state is South Hamilton in
  8. What is are rival school
  9. What does Mr. Coy teach
  10. how are the grades divided into the buildings

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