How South Florida AreYou?

Take this quiz to determine if you are a true south floridian. Did you really grow up among the swamps, teeming with oranges and alligators? Have you made your way day after day through the thick humidity? What the heck is snow?

This quiz is truly mind racking, kind of like South Florida. Its kind of like your air boat breaking down in the Everglades and being surrounded by alligators actually. Well, maybe not, but have fun!

Created by: Zachary
  1. Have you ever been on an air boat ride?
  2. Have you seen alligators in your neighberhood?
  3. What language do most people speak here besides English?
  4. When do you start to feel cold?
  5. How many hurricanes have you experienced?
  6. What does alligator taste like?
  7. Have you ever eaten wild citrus fruits?
  8. What is south beach to you?
  9. What is mudding?
  10. Who lives in the everglades?
  11. What is the name of the east to west road that runs through the Everglades?

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