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  • This is what it told me "You don't try hard, but you haven't failed either. You still need to revise more but only a little because your grades are a little below average. Try a little harder and you will succeed." I happen to of won 3 short story contest, I'm getting mostly B's in math, I play piano very well, I don't like science but I know a lot of what I've learned, and I know tons about history. So thanks, cool quiz in all, but I do try really hard in school and I'm planning on going into animal science in college (btw what is the difference between a university and a college? I'm honestly just wondering)

    Dr whovian
  • It said my grades were below average and that I should try harder in school, but my grades are above average so that means I do try in school...

  • Most, if not all of these questions have nothing to do with intelligence.

  • These questions are stupid ! Just because I don't like school doesn't mean that I'm not smart!

  • cool quiz


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