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  • @ Kitty Power, If you dont like your score deal with it and dont take it out in people who work hard to make these quizzes. Yeah I know the square root of nine, who doesnt. Lets see how you like it when I say something..... Just because you dont like my quiz you shouldnt act crabby, and swear about it. You are one cranky person, Grow Up. And from the looks of it you dont seem very bright either, Like Sophia said, It was EASY. If that tell you anything.

  • At first I put A-B grades and teachers sometimes ask me to tutor other kids but I had 70%... then I changed it to A and yes and I got 90... I actually checked all my answers on Google...what did I do wrong?

  • You are smart 70% 70%

    You did great. You didnt miss very many at all. Congrats. I hope you liked this quiz. Please take my other quizzes and tell your friends about them.

    BTW: I'm 10.

  • oh and on the last question... you said "do you think your smart?" it's *you're

  • 50%?! Man, I hate this f---ing quiz! I am way smarter than that! guess what the square root of 9 is! It's 3!

    Kitty Power
  • 90%... it was easy. and was supposed to say yes on the last part?


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