How smart are you?

If you think your extraordinary. You think your brain is huge,(though if you were that smart you'd know that the size of your brain doesn't matter). Then let's find out!

We'll begin after the instructions are given: First, we will start by asking you about yourself, the some math,then we'll do mostly random trivia with bits of other subjects thrown in. Now... let's begin!

Created by: Adam
  1. What are Napier's bones?
  2. 2 times X= 24 X=?
  3. What language does Ireland speak?
  4. Who is smarter, Boy, or Girl?
  5. Does a box with all boxes contain itself?
  6. Who created the Mona Lisa?
  7. Who named Walt Disney World "Walt Disney World"?
  8. What is wrong with this sentence? "Me & Bob did stuff."
  9. What type of game is 'Dungeons & Dragons'?
  10. What continent does NOT have a McDonald's?

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Quiz topic: How smart am I?