how smart r you

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Okay there are very smart people out there in the world. Could you be one? It takes alot to be smart, but it's totally worth the studying. Your future depends on those grades.

Are YOU smart enough to pass the masters quiz? Okay, maybe not a master but a really smart kid's quiz? Well lets see! You future answer lies ahead. What could it be?

Created by: manjusha
  1. Do you think you're smart?
  2. pick 2
  3. Who are the most important gods/goddesses?
  4. You're lost in the woods with your friend... a wolf jumps out of nowhere what do u do?
  5. there's a robber in your house with a knife!
  6. 2/4 is equal to
  7. What grades do you get?
  8. when someone robbed your house you call
  9. Who you gonna call?
  10. Do you like this quiz so far?

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