How smart are you?

They are smart people, but only a few geniuses!This is a quiz to see how smart you are! I bet you are hoping that you will get 100%! You know you have a chance to get 100%!

Are YOU a genius? Well lets see by taking this quiz!! Until now, you can only wonder. Hope you like my quiz called, "How smart are you?" Thanks so much.

Created by: Saleen

  1. What is 5+9?
  2. What is 6x4?
  3. What color is grass?
  4. What is a house?
  5. Which is alive?
  6. Which is a president?
  7. Which is spelled right?
  8. What is a chapter book?
  9. Is a pig purple?
  10. How many territories does Canada have?
  11. How many provinces does Canada have?
  12. Which season has snow?
  13. Where does paper come from?
  14. LAST QUESTION! What are dogs?

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Quiz topic: How smart am I?