How Smart Are You?

There Are Some People Who Are Stupid, Some Who Are Dim, Some Who Are Average, Some Who Are Bright, Some Who Are Smart, And Some Whose Minds Prove To Have An Even Greater Capacity For Knowledge.

So...What Are You? Are you A C-Student, An A-Student? How Smart Are You...Really? Intelligence Is Unquestionably Vital But Often Overlooked or Overshadowed By Beauty. But Don't Fret; The Smartest Of Us All Will Rule The World One Day! ^-^

Created by: Marilyn Spears
  1. Okay, We'll Start Easy. 144/6=
  2. Name The Countries That Surround Austria.
  3. 24x+20=68. x=?
  4. What Does A Plant Cell Have That An Animal Cell Doesn't?
  5. KACOFGS. What Does This Mean To You?
  6. If your school has a gifted/talented/"smart" program/team, are you on it?
  7. Which Of The Following Are Spelled Incorrectly: Embarassment, Athiest, Conschience, Daquiri.
  8. What Is The Chemical Formula For Ethanol?
  9. What Gives Your Eyes Their Color?
  10. Cough Syrup=?

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Quiz topic: How Smart am I?