Do you know your WWE facts?

A lot of people are smart and stupid.if you got 50%,well you're in the middle. you are part smart,part stupid. and if you got 0%, you have to keep learnin'!

If you are smart,rest your head for a while. if you are stupid, hit your head with a ping-pong paddle. But i think you are smart no matter what. you are smart.

Created by: Matthew Villano
  1. Who won Extreme Rules 2009 Ladder Match?
  2. What match was at Wrestlemania that was an extreme rules?
  3. Who was 4-0 against Chavo Guerrero?
  4. Why did Rey Mysterio + Batista Become enemies?
  5. Who is the superstar of the year?
  6. Who Won WWE championship at TLC?
  7. What was the theme song for wrestlemania 25?
  8. Who won the first Hell in a Cell Match?
  9. Who was The First Guest Host on Raw?
  10. Who is the tag team of the year?

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Quiz topic: Do I know my WWE facts?