How well do YOU know twilight?

There are a lot of people that are smart but not a lot of true very smart people!Are you smart or very smart? Smart-people who have knoledge,Very smart-people that have lots of knoledge.

Are YOU smart enough to take this quiz? Do you have the guts to put your name under that very very grand title? Well do you? Well lets go find out !!!

Created by: Devan
  1. What age does Edward pretend to be?
  2. Where do Edward and bella meet?
  3. What did Edward say to tell her what changed his eye color?
  4. How many Cullens are there?
  5. Who are the bad vamps?
  6. Where does bella move to?
  7. What does Bella take with her on her trip to Forks?
  8. What vamp has MOOD controll as a power?
  9. Who comes to talk to Bella at Prom?
  10. (This is a question from NEW MOON) What is Aro's power?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know twilight?