How Smart Are You?

You think you've got what it takes to flex those brains? Come see how you compare to the average person, and their intellect! You'll have that perfect chance to show the world how bright (or dull) you truly are!

Do you think you're a brain? That you tower over others intellectually? Come take this quiz and see if you truly have the right to brag, or if its all just an illusion you've been throwing out.

Created by: Alexa
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  1. What is one tenth of one fifth of one half of 12,000
  2. You have three oranges in one hand and five in the other. How many apples do you have?
  3. Mr. Monkey sniffed a banana. What did he have to do before he sniffed it?
  4. Your name begins with...
  5. What is your average in school?
  6. What is the answer for X: x + 0.5(6*x) + 6= 58
  7. You have a mirror. If you are touching you left ear, which ear does your reflection appear to be touching?
  8. How large does the length and width of a pen have to be to hold a surface area of 63 m sq.?
  9. Looking in a lake, you see thirty fish. If there are twelve red fish and eighteen blue, what is the probability you will catch a blue fish?
  10. There is a circle with a radius of 4 cm inside a square on which each side is 10 cm. How much of the square is taken up by the circle?

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