How slow are you?

People spend, on average, eleven years in school. Most go on to college and continue there learning, so that their mind never grows dull and worthless. But for all the time they spend hitting the books, they can look over subtle, simple things that could make there lives so much easier.

Are YOU one of those people? Do you study study study, but when push comes to shove, you just crumble like cake? Or maybe you are just a person who is dumber than a box of rocks. Well, take this, and find out.

What is your age?
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What is your gender?
A rooster lays an egg on a pointed roof. The wind is blowing east. Which way does the egg role?
None of the above.
What is a V6?
A bj.
A diet V8 drink.
An engine
A motor boat.
If I say, "Rumsfeld really dropped the ball." What am I most likey talking about?
Pioneers in computers
Shakespeare wrote...
The Raven
In the Closet Part V
As You Like it.
Moby Dick.
STD stands for what?
Subliminal Transmitter Detirents
Start Talking Dirty
Sexually Transmitted Deseases
Subteranian Technological Drill
Kittens say...
Which number is NOT a multiple of seven?
Which is the closest definition to the word beau?
A butterfly
A ribbon worn in the hair or on the head
A boyfried or girlfriend
Something pretty or shiny
How do you pronounce the word Versailles?
If a man walks up to you and shanks you, what is most likely your reaction?
You run, because he has just punched you.
You ask him why he is thanking you.
You file sexually harrasment charges on him, because he has touched you...down there.
You fall and die, because he has just stabbed you.
You wipe off your face, because he has just spit on it.
Boysenberry is...
Fake, it's from the story Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
Fake, it's actually just a color created by crayola
Real, but it is a spice grown on a Boysen Tree, and is not really a berry.
Real, it's a berry the same as raspberry or blackberry.
Fake, it's just something thought up in an old fairy tale.
Real, it's an herb used by wiccans and can be found growing near marshes.
If you are a necrophiliac who is into necromancy, what are you most likely?
A zombie who likes voodoo.
A corpse lover who likes the study of magic involving dead things.
A witch who likes the study of magic involving dead things.
A sex addict who is into love spells.
A witch who likes voodoo.
An odd quiz?
It was alright.
One more thing: You want me to unthaw that T.V. dinner?
Oh, yes please, I would like to eat it soon.
Oh, yes please, I can't get the wrapper off myself.
No thanks, I would like to eat it soon.
No thanks, if you take it apart, it will make a mess.

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